Windshield replacement problems

When replacing a broken windshield, it is important to make sure it is done properly. Replacement problems could cause annoying noises or even something as serious as the windshield will fall while driving. Proper installation prevents these leaks problems.

Water and air leaks often occur when the adhesive is not properly applied. Some stores have shortcuts by not removing sealant from the old windshield, which can prevent new adhesive from adhering properly. Dirt on windshields that have not been cleaned prior to installation and rust on the vehicle’s body can prevent the adhesive from setting up properly.

An urgent job can keep a windshield from being properly aligned. Windshields often have a rubber time shield on their edges. Many vehicle models use this time shield to seal doors, improper alignment can allow water and air to enter through the door.

Different adhesives require different times to adjust. The time is it usually lasts between 3 and 24 hours before the vehicle is safe to drive.