Windshield repair is also an option

The windshield, that glass that allows to see forwards, tends to last many years, even as much as the car. However, small damages can occasionally occur, such as those produced by a stone upon impact on the glass, which can be repaired under certain conditions. Likewise, scratches or fractures may occur. Depending on the magnitude and type of damage, you will have to decide to repair or place new windshields.

  • Smart windshield

Windshield technology has not changed in a long time, except for the types of materials used for glass, which today do not explode or fragment when broken, thus avoiding injury to the occupants of the vehicle. But today they incorporate intelligent technology as sensors of light and water.

In this regard, in high-end cars the windshields are incorporating sensors that in case of feeling diminished the external light activates the streetlights, and in case of perceiving water on the surface, they ignite the nibs.