Types of windshield cracks

You may have been driving down the road when a rock flew on your windshield, or an object might have hit you when you were not even around. Windshields have two layers of glass, and some cracks only affect one layer. You can replace your entire windshield, or you may be able to repair the fissure if it is small enough. Several types of cracks can occur on windshields.


A crack is a line that forms on your windshield. It can consist of a straight line or an uneven one. Cracks are sometimes formed from a point of impact or uneven distribution of pressure. If it is a stress cracking, it probably starts around the edge of your windshield. A crack may spread through the windshield.

Break the star

Star pillows occur when an object hits your windshield. Long cracks branch from the center, where the impact occurred. The star appearance gives this guy his name. Like a regular crack, it can continue to spread.


This type of crack is circular and has the appearance of a bull’s-eye target. It has concentric circles with multiple fractures. An ox-eye crack can be converted into a larger crack or a star rupture.


A chip can happen when an object hits your windshield. It usually consists of a small slit that does not pass through both layers of glass. The simplest type of windshield damage, can still become a crack if it is not repaired.