Tips for car window maintenance

You should never forget to clean the vehicle’s lenses by removing dirt and check them periodically. Pay special attention to any fissure or impact, since when winter arrives, with changes in temperature, this could result in a break in the glass. The impacts on the glass it are advised to repair them immediately.

How to clean the windows of the car?

The usual thing before starting to clean the windows is to have previously cleaned the entire car, either by pressurized water or in a car wash. In any case check that there are no remains of wax that make the wipers can scratches. To avoid this, pass a cleaning cloth after each wash.

A trick to avoid that there is some type of mark or reflection in the crystals, consists of moistening the whole moon with a glass cleaner of habitual use and, later, to dry the glass with a clean cloth.

Keep the windshield

As we commented, in the colder months it is very important to pay attention to the car’s windows to avoid cracks and cracks forming in them. In times of greater rain you can use water repellent products that will allow you to gain visibility at the wheel.

Every so often do not forget to check the windshield wipers so that they stay in an optimal state and that they do not scratch the moon against dirt and small impacts. In addition, something that we often ignore: cleaning the interior of the windshield, since heating can hinder the visibility and deterioration of the glass.