Repair your windshield for yourself

Some people carry their vehicle with professionals for repairing cracks and splinters on the windshield, but in fact this is a task that most people can carry out on their own. Windshield repair kits include all the materials you need to fissure your car’s windshield virtually disappears. It only takes an hour to do it, and the kit can be purchased at auto parts stores for less than $ 20.

Professional windshield repair kits

While it is tempting to try some simple solutions for repairing cracks in automotive windshields that use supplies you have on hand – like extra strong glue and clear nail polish – take into account that remedies such as extra strong glue and Nail polish can prevent the fissure from spreading through the windshield, but will not cover it. The windshield repair kits are designed to cover the entire fissure and when done well, the fissure will disappear completely. There are several windshield repair kits on the market, including Crack Eraser and Fix-A-Windshield. In addition to auto parts stores, windshield repair kits can be obtained online at stores.

The method

Remove loose glass from splinter or crack. Loose glass can be extracted using the corner of a razor blade. Do not apply too much pressure, or you will cause the crack to spread. Once the glass is removed, move the razor blade over the glass around the crack to remove dust and debris from the area, then wash the windshield with soap and water and continue with the application of denatured alcohol. This will remove debris from the windshield and prevent pieces of glass from falling into the fissure while applying adhesive. When the window is clean, allow the area to dry completely before beginning to use the windshield repair kit.

While the instructions for use vary from kit to kit, the basic process for windshield repair using a kit is to apply adhesive directly onto the fissure using the included adhesive syringe. Once the adhesive is applied, leave the tip of the syringe on the adhesive, then push and pull the plunger several times. This will eliminate the air pockets in the adhesive and will cause it to sink into all the cracks. Make sure all the bubbles have disappeared from the adhesive.

Once it dries, the adhesive will leave a film on the fissure, and it will be almost impossible to notice if there was a crack on the windshield. If a lump is left behind the area in which the syringe was inserted, it will be almost imperceptible. Although if you prefer to remove it, wait until the adhesive has dried for a few hours and then passes a sheet to shave gently over the protuberance to match it with the rest of the glass.