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The Anglo-Chinese School (ACS); is a family of Methodist schools in Singapore, and Indonesia.

Until 2002, the ACS schools had been institutions that admitted only male students. However four schools - Anglo-Chinese Junior College, ACS (Independent) International Baccalaureate Programme, ACS (International) and STB-ACS (International) Jakarta - have also begun admitting female students.

The school is affiliated with other Methodist schools in Singapore, including Methodist Girls' School, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (all-girls institutions), Geylang Methodist Secondary School and Fairfield Methodist Secondary School (co-educational). The name is usually abbreviated as "ACS", with the junior college as "ACJC", and its students and alumni referred to as "ACSians" (pronounced ack-sians), or "ACS boys" (and girls, for ACJC, ACS (Independent) IB Programme, ACS (International) and STB-ACS (International) Jakarta).

ACS was the first school in Singapore to have a flower named after it, the Ascocenda Anglo-Chinese School orchid, a hybrid created by the school to mark its 116th Founder's Day on 1 March 2002.

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