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Jailed for nude pix threat

A CHINESE national who threatened to post nude pictures of his colleague if she did not give him him $5,000 was jailed for nine months on Monday.

Wang Bo, then a cleaner, admitted to threatening to injure the reputation of Ms Qiu Xia, 24, a room attendant, with intent to cause alarm to her between June 28 and 30.

He was fined $4,900 or four weeks' jail for having obscene films at a rented premises at Beach Road on June 30. The court heard that the 23-year-old sent numerous SMS messages from a cellphone to Ms Qiu to demand $5,000 or he would post her nude pictures on the Internet. She made a police report.

The cellphone was subsequently traced to Wang, who was arrested on June 30.

Investigation showed that Wang was repairing the victim's laptop when he found some of the victim's pictures in her laptop. He copied and transferred them to his own laptop.

He later threatened to modify a picture of her into a nude picture and circulate it. Further investigation showed that the victim was a friend of Wang's housemate. As Wang was unhappy with her frequent visits to his place, he decided to send her the SMS messages to frighten her.

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