How to wind the windshield

The fogged windshield can be annoying or dangerous depending on the amount of condensation on the windshield and how it affects your vision. Even if you use the air conditioning in the car and defroster to get rid of moisture, there is a chance to reappear in a few minutes. The fog is produced because the interior of the car has a different temperature to the outside. If you want to eliminate it completely while you drive, you have to make the interior temperature close to the outside air temperature.

Instructions :

  1. Allow fresh air to open through the windows. The air circulation outside will be enough to defuse the windshield without using the heating or air conditioning. This is sometimes not possible due to the cold or the rain, but if you install ventilation visors on the window you can reduce some problems like rain.
  2. Turn on the heater or air conditioner with the fan running at maximum power, set it to “defrost” or “defrost” and start with a warm temperature. Warm air from the grids will absorb moisture from the windshield more quickly as it contains more steam. However, it can also quickly become fogged again, which is why you should not keep this heat for too long.
  3. Reduce grid temperature gradually. It carries the temperature of the air near the one that has the outside air so that the windshield has the same temperature on both sides.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reverse the process if you want to defrost the windshield. Start by sending cold air through the grilles to remove frost (since it is on the outside). Once the windshield is clean, raise the temperature until it is level enough to prevent the glass from fogging up.