How to repair chips & cracks

Before you know it, that little chip on the windshield can spread in a crack all over the car. The key to the treatment of a windshield crack is repairing quickly; otherwise, a complete windshield replacement is required. Several companies produce windshield chip repair kits that include a syringe, adhesive and crack fillers. If this method seems too daunting, a simple home remedy may be enough to stop the spread of a chip and avoid the need for a trip immediately to the auto store.


  • Repair kit

Move your car in a shaded area. The sun can dry the chip adhesive too quickly.

Thoroughly dry the windshield with soft, clean towels. When water enters a crack, it moves quickly and acts as an abrasive element. This moisture can propagate cracks and must be removed before repair.

Apply one of the adhesive strips of the kit centered on the windshield chip. Place the appliance on this strip with the cylinder facing up.

Pull the cover of the included syringe and place the point in the apparatus’ opening. The syringe is filled with adhesive used to fill the chip. Pull the syringe handle upward and leave it at the highest point for one minute. This pushes the air bubbles out of the crack and prepares the adhesive to inject.

Leave the handle of the syringe aside, allowing adhesive to be pushed into the crack. Repeat this process until a suitable amount of adhesive has been inserted.

Remove the syringe, apparatus and adhesive strip from the windshield. A small protrusion should be visible at the top of the crack. Leave it to dry for one hour before removing it with a razor blade. Use an alcohol-soaked towel to remove any adhesive residue off the chip.

  • Nail polish

Move your car in a shaded area to prevent premature drying.

Apply a layer of clear nail polish to the exterior and interior of the windscreen with nail polish applicator. Brush along any cracks that need repair. Nail polish serves as a temporary adhesive that fills the cracks and prevents diffusion.

Move the car in the sun to dry and clean any drip enamel with a clean towel.

Tips & Warnings

  • Nail polish is a temporary solution. Over time, a stronger repair or a complete replacement may be needed.
  • Follow the instructions in your repair kit. Each product can have different nuances that might require a different action plan.