How to remove glass watermarks

Watermarks can be converted to almost any glass surface from a shower door to a glass of water to an outdoor table. This can be caused by hard water, soapy water or just water droplets that are dried on the glass surface before they are erased. In any case, watermarks need to be removed from the glass to restore the appearance of clear, clean glass.


  1. Dip a cloth in pure white vinegar and rub over the watermarks. The vinegar will remove water spots and dry clear, which is the perfect solution
  2. Dip a piece of fine grain steel wool into the vinegar for stains that are not easily rubbed away with the cloth. This is useful for outdoor areas where watermarks or showers can be very prominent where spots of water are mixed with traces of soap scum.
    Rub gently with small circular movements, lightly polished out from water spots.

Tips and warnings

  • Mix a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar and clean all glass surfaces. This solution will be to clean the glass, transparent drying and avoid water spots.
  • Also, dry the glass surfaces after cleaning or when they come into contact with water. This will remove water droplets before they have time to dry and stain the glass.