How to remove difficult water stains in a car

The water that remains in the car by the rain, sprinklers or washing water can leave stains that look like rings white dull in the paint of your car or windows. Trying to remove them with a wet sponge is useless, since these marks require a solvent agent to remove the annoying substance. The cleaning solution must be very powerful to eliminate water marks without damaging the paint of your car. With the right tools you can remove water spots from the surface of your vehicle.

Instructions :

  1. Fill one bucket with hot water and two tablespoons of liquid soap.
  2. Wet the car with a hose. Dip the sponge into the bucket of soapy water and place it on the hood of the car. Fleet vigorously to remove dirt and grime from the surface.
  3. Rinse off the car bonnet soap. Go to the driver’s side and wash and rinse the same way. Continue with the trunk and then with the passenger side, cleaning and rinsing.
  4. Dry the entire car with soft fabrics.
  5. Fill a bottle with white vinegar spray. Fill it with cold water.
  6. Spray on the watermarks that are on the paint and the windows with the vinegar solution. Let it penetrate the marks for a minute. Rub the marks with a damp, clean sponge.
  7. Wash the car again after removing the difficult water spots on the car.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wax the car after using the solution with vinegar as it removes the previous wax from the paint.