How to be sure that your windshield is properly installed

The SRS is designed to keep passengers relatively safe when the car is overturned or a collision occurs. The safety belt, the airbags and the windshield are components that work together. At the time of a traffic accident the windshield provides all the support that the airbags need to deploy properly, in case the windshield falls the airbags will be useless. Likewise, experts indicate that in most cars the windshield provides a minimum of 60% roof support.

It is not good to pay less

Everyone loves bargains, but this criterion should not prevail when selecting the company that will repair or replace the windshield of your car.

The laws require the use of the safety belt, however there are no laws that indicate how a windshield should be replaced once the car leaves the factory. The tragedy of the situation is the average of people who do not realize that the windshield was incorrectly replaced until it is too late.

How to select the company that will replace the windshield? Here are some recommendations to follow before, during and after the installation.

Before replacement:

Does your insurance company or automotive glass shop offer to check the damages to see if they are repairable?

During the installation the technician must:

  • Remove the old sealant leaving approximately 1/16 inch.
  • Clean and prepare the glass and frame or molding of the vehicle.
  • Use gloves in such a way that the glass is not dirty.
  • Use urethane adhesive, instead of silicone or butyl tape.
  • Check the airbag on the passenger seat side.
  • Talk … Tell him what he can and cannot do during the time the adhesive is fixed.

After installation:

Check the work carefully. You do not need to be an expert to identify some details that will tell you if the windshield is incorrectly installed. These are some indications that there are flaws:

  • See if the windshield is perfectly centered on the car.
  • Check if the distance is the same between the left and right side of the windshield and the body of the car.
  • Finally, check the trim or frame around the windshield. Is it broken or are there visible spaces?
  • Is the molding flat or resembles a roller coaster.
  • Is the glass aligned with the body of the vehicle?

If any of these conditions is present the windshield installation can be considered doubtful.

Experts warn that the repair or replacement of the windshield is a service that requires the use of the best materials and technology accompanied by extensive experience and responsibility.