Home windshield wipers

To clean the car with homemade products you can get hold of those used to clean the house, without disbursing a large amount of money. It is advisable to clean the windshield at the end of the cleaning of the rest of the car, so that no products fall that can dirty them. The first step to clean the windshield and the rest of the windows of the vehicle would be to wash only with water, using a hose or a bucket and a cloth. It is advisable to clean the windows from top to bottom, thus avoiding the marks of drops that can drain and stain the crystals that have already been cleaned. It is also recommended to clean the outside crystals in a different direction than the inside ones so that the spots on the other side can be better detected.

How to make a homemade windshield wiper

To prepare an effective homemade windshield wiper it is necessary to follow a series of simple and practical steps. First, some potatoes are cooked. When they are cooked, mix the cooking water with a little vinegar. With this preparation they rub the glass of the car and then dry it with a cloth. If there are still water marks left, it should be cleaned with newspaper. Afterwards, they are rubbed with an onion cut in half and finally cleaned with a damp cloth. It is not appropriate to use paper towels, which leave lint on the glass.

Another homemade windshield wiper that is possible to use is the mixture of a cup of water, half a cup of vinegar and a quarter of a cup of alcohol. It is recommended to pour the components into an atomizer and then gently shake the solution. Then the windscreen wiper is sprayed on the glass and cleaned according to the instructions above: use newspaper, clean from top to bottom, etc. Even a third homemade windshield wiper can be achieved with a little dishwasher diluted in a lot of water. And clean up afterwards, as already explained. In any case, the ammonia mixed with water has always been used to clean the windows of the house and also serves for the windows of the car.

Remove specific spots

To eliminate insect stains from the windows and windshields, you can apply vinegar directly and let it act for a few seconds. Then the windshields will be wiped with a cloth. The salts water is also effective to suppress the spots of the insects crushed against the windshield; It is convenient to let a few minutes pass before removing it. Another suitable method is to use baby wipes to eliminate bird pooping. Although then, once removed, the crystals will be cleaned as recommended above.

It must be remembered that the wipes can leave traces of lint. To remove difficult water spots, you can rub the glass with a 0000 gauge steel wool (so as not to scratch them) with circular movements. Olive oil can be used to remove remains of stickers or other glues. It will be applied with a cotton and with circular movements. In any case, the operation to eliminate specific stains should be done before the general washing of the crystals.