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Singapore women 'forward in sex'

Sexual attitudes are changing in Asia

Singapore women are the most likely to initiate sex in Asia, Thais enjoy spanking while South Koreans rate poorly on fidelity - so says a new Asian sex survey. The Time Asia magazine survey, released on Monday, polled men and women from five Asian countries on their most intimate behaviour.

The number of people interviewed was not disclosed.

Singaporeans were found to be the most faithful Women in Singapore were found to be the most forward, with 18% saying they initiate sex.

Singapore also appeared to be the most committed to monogamy, with 67% of men on the island saying they had never been unfaithful.

In contrast, 47% of South Korean men said they had been unfaithful "several times" along with a quarter of the women.

South Koreans also appeared to have the greatest penchant for pornography, with 57% of men admitting to reading, watching and surfing porn.

Up to 37% of Thai men said they liked to be spanked, along with a third of women.

In contrast, only 2% of Hong Kong men said they enjoyed being spanked.

Only 5% of Hong Kong men felt sexy Hong Kong painted a poor picture in the survey - only 5% of men felt they were sexy, compared with 55% in the Philippines and 48% in South Korea.

Couples in Hong Kong also gave conflicting ratings on sex - 55% of men said they always had great sex with their wives, but only 34% of women polled agreed.

The survey also found the missionary position was the top sexual position among Asians.

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