Damage to the windshield repair or change

Maybe many of us have had the bad luck of having the windscreen of the car quartered damaged. Either by the hit of a stone or by a collision, the damage to the windshield generates discomfort. But when this happens, we get the doubt.

Everything depends on the size of the blow or the type of tear that it presents. Nowadays, and thanks to technology, the windshields of cars are quite resistant than before. They no longer crack easily, and if it happens, repairs usually work.

But as we mentioned, everything depends, even our pocket has decision-making power.

  • What to consider when there is a damage to the windshield?

One of the advantages of repairing this element, as opposed to substitution, is that doing so is less expensive than changing it. The second advantage lies in saving time: repairing a glass does not take more than an hour, while its change involves more time.

However, the drawback of this action revolves around safety, and that’s when the substitution wins. Sometimes, the repair does not offer the same efficient conditions that the windshield had before. Then you run the risk of having damage to the windshield again.

Another point to consider is that if the damage to the windshield is small, more or less similar to a 25-cent coin, it is possible to repair it. But major damage to that is recommended to change it.

Remember that a badly repaired windshield can have worse consequences than a freshly cracked windshield, because the first one lets the water leak inside the vehicle, or it can come off if it is not properly installed.