The SRS is designed to keep passengers relatively safe when the car is overturned or a collision occurs. The safety belt, the airbags and the windshield are components that work together. At the time of a traffic accident the windshield provides all the support that the airbags need to deploy properly, in case the windshield falls the airbags will be useless. Likewise, experts indicate that in most cars the windshield provides a minimum of 60% roof support.

It is not good to pay less

Everyone loves bargains, but this criterion should not prevail when selecting the company that will repair or replace the windshield of your car.

The laws require the use of the safety belt, however there are no laws that indicate how a windshield should be replaced once the car leaves the factory. The tragedy of the situation is the average of people who do not realize that the windshield was incorrectly replaced until it is too late.

How to select the company that will replace the windshield? Here are some recommendations to follow before, during and after the installation.

Before replacement:

Does your insurance company or automotive glass shop offer to check the damages to see if they are repairable?

During the installation the technician must:

  • Remove the old sealant leaving approximately 1/16 inch.
  • Clean and prepare the glass and frame or molding of the vehicle.
  • Use gloves in such a way that the glass is not dirty.
  • Use urethane adhesive, instead of silicone or butyl tape.
  • Check the airbag on the passenger seat side.
  • Talk … Tell him what he can and cannot do during the time the adhesive is fixed.

After installation:

Check the work carefully. You do not need to be an expert to identify some details that will tell you if the windshield is incorrectly installed. These are some indications that there are flaws:

  • See if the windshield is perfectly centered on the car.
  • Check if the distance is the same between the left and right side of the windshield and the body of the car.
  • Finally, check the trim or frame around the windshield. Is it broken or are there visible spaces?
  • Is the molding flat or resembles a roller coaster.
  • Is the glass aligned with the body of the vehicle?

If any of these conditions is present the windshield installation can be considered doubtful.

Experts warn that the repair or replacement of the windshield is a service that requires the use of the best materials and technology accompanied by extensive experience and responsibility.

You should never forget to clean the vehicle’s lenses by removing dirt and check them periodically. Pay special attention to any fissure or impact, since when winter arrives, with changes in temperature, this could result in a break in the glass. The impacts on the glass it are advised to repair them immediately.

How to clean the windows of the car?

The usual thing before starting to clean the windows is to have previously cleaned the entire car, either by pressurized water or in a car wash. In any case check that there are no remains of wax that make the wipers can scratches. To avoid this, pass a cleaning cloth after each wash.

A trick to avoid that there is some type of mark or reflection in the crystals, consists of moistening the whole moon with a glass cleaner of habitual use and, later, to dry the glass with a clean cloth.

Keep the windshield

As we commented, in the colder months it is very important to pay attention to the car’s windows to avoid cracks and cracks forming in them. In times of greater rain you can use water repellent products that will allow you to gain visibility at the wheel.

Every so often do not forget to check the windshield wipers so that they stay in an optimal state and that they do not scratch the moon against dirt and small impacts. In addition, something that we often ignore: cleaning the interior of the windshield, since heating can hinder the visibility and deterioration of the glass.

You may have been driving down the road when a rock flew on your windshield, or an object might have hit you when you were not even around. Windshields have two layers of glass, and some cracks only affect one layer. You can replace your entire windshield, or you may be able to repair the fissure if it is small enough. Several types of cracks can occur on windshields.


A crack is a line that forms on your windshield. It can consist of a straight line or an uneven one. Cracks are sometimes formed from a point of impact or uneven distribution of pressure. If it is a stress cracking, it probably starts around the edge of your windshield. A crack may spread through the windshield.

Break the star

Star pillows occur when an object hits your windshield. Long cracks branch from the center, where the impact occurred. The star appearance gives this guy his name. Like a regular crack, it can continue to spread.


This type of crack is circular and has the appearance of a bull’s-eye target. It has concentric circles with multiple fractures. An ox-eye crack can be converted into a larger crack or a star rupture.


A chip can happen when an object hits your windshield. It usually consists of a small slit that does not pass through both layers of glass. The simplest type of windshield damage, can still become a crack if it is not repaired.

In the automotive industry, glass surfaces in vehicles have increased in recent years. Thus, glass has become a structural part of the vehicle, in addition to continuing to fulfill its initial function of allowing visibility and insulate the interior from the outside.

Before focusing on windshield repair it is extremely important to know the type of glass used in the car which is classified according to its functionality. The main features of the most representative type of glass are shown below.

Tempered glass. It is constituted by a single sheet of glass, of a thickness of approximately 5 mm, which is introduced in an oven, at a temperature between 500 and 750 ° C afterwards, is subjected to a rapid cooling. This treatment results in a more resistant and rigid glass. Due to the internal tensions produced in the glass, if a break occurs, it fragments into a multitude of small pieces. For safety reasons, this glass is no longer used on windshields, installed on side windows and on sunroofs.

Laminated glass. Its sand which configuration is integrated by two conventional sheets of glass, joined together by a central transparent plastic sheet of polyvinyl (PVB) or simply butyric. For safety, this type of glass is mandatory on windshields. In case of breakage, the polymer sheet keeps the glass in position, avoiding the risk of projecting glass particles or the expulsion of the occupants, while providing an emergency view to the driver.

Break in windshield

Generally, the breakage of the windshield may be due to two causes. The impact of an object at high speed (pebbles, gravel, etc.) or the transmission of tension or effort from the body itself.

The importance of damage caused by impact depends on several factors: size of the projected object against the windshield, subject matter, speed and angle of impact. The following are the most frequent notch types:

  1. Bull’s-eye. At the point of impact appears a small hole and below, a cone-shaped fissure, with the apex on the surface of the glass and its base on the plastic sheet. It is usually accompanied by a piece of detached glass, usually produced by the impact of a small stone.
  2. It is characterized by an impact point from which a series of radial fissures start. Its repair is usually a little more laborious, because you have to get the resin to penetrate all the cracks.
  3. The break is shaped like a daisy, with edges resembling petals. They are usually produced by small stones and their repair does not represent special difficulties.
  4. Half-moon. Caused by very small objects that crash into the windshield at high speed. They are small, C-shaped and have a tiny point of impact in their center.
  5. They present the characteristic impact of the type of ox eye or daisy, with radial fissures, like those of a star break.

Windshield repair is a process that combines technology and dexterity to fill a damaged area on the windshield with a transparent resin and adhesive (polymer). This resin (acrylic) is polymerized or cured by means of ultraviolet light of 365nm of wavelength. With this technique, the damaged area of ​​the windshield completely recovers its surface tension (its structural strength) and almost 100% of its clarity.

Repair techniques

Bursting. With the help of a punch, loose glass particles will be removed from the crater to facilitate penetration of the resin and to avoid imperfections. The technique of the repair consists in injecting the resin under pressure inside the rupture. For this purpose, specific injectors are used which, by means of the appropriate injector holder, are fixed to the glass, so that they are centered on the point of impact.

After removing the injector, a special cellophane lamella is placed on the break. This blade causes the resin to dry quickly with an ultraviolet lamp, in a time of 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the equipment and type of resin. Finally the resin will be polished to give it brightness and transparency, for it will be used the polishing liquid supplied with the equipment, which has added a very fine abrasive, usually cerium oxide powder.

Fissures. For the repair of a fissure it is advisable to drill a hole with a drill at a distance of 3 to 6 mm in front of the end or ends of the fissure to prevent it from spreading during the repair.

The injector is placed over the hole at the end of the crack and the resin is injected gradually, as if it were an infiltration. As the resin penetrates the rupture, are placed on the same, plastic sheets impregnated in the same resin to prevent it flies out, when the fissure is completely filled with resin is covered in its entire length with sheets Of plastic and curing with ultraviolet radiation and allowing it to act for 10 minutes, the excess resin is removed by scraping with the blade and making passes in a single direction. The repair is completed with a polishing and a final cleaning of the area.

It is of the utmost importance that landlords do not let too much time pass since the damage occurs. It will always be more advisable to repair rather than changing a damaged windshield while it is safe and feasible, this is because the original factory sealing of the windscreen to the body is retained, it is cheaper and faster so the unit is functional in a couple of hours If not in minutes.

Nowadays the incorporation of rain sensors, temperature, radio antennas, photochromic glasses, high-tech security systems … have considerably increased the cost of the windshields and it is here that again the repair is a more accessible solution.

Quality of repair

In order to repair windshields with satisfactory results it is necessary to have professional equipment, experience in the use of the same and a good knowledge of the best practices of the industry.

In the United States, windscreen repair professionals benefit from a voluntary standard that establishes appropriate practices and procedures.


  • Any repairs carried out in the area swept by the windscreen wiper should not reduce the effectiveness of the windscreen wipers. If any residual point remains after the repair, it should not exceed 5 mm in diameter. If it is located outside the critical viewing area; Or 2 mm, if it is totally or partially within the critical viewing area.
  • The repaired area must be free of air bubbles, foreign matter and craters or areas to be filled.
  • Repair should not change color over time.
  • Repair must restore the structural strength of the glass.

How to erase a scratch on a car?

A scratch on his car is very unattractive, whether superficial or not. However, it is easy to erase scratches on a car. How to repair scratches on the body and return to the original state of the car?

Erase a shallow scratch on the car

Erasing a scratch on a car will not be the same whether it is deep or not. In the case of a superficial scratch, it is very easy to repair the scratch on the car without calling a professional. To erase a micro scratch, several grandmother recipes can be a useful remedy. First of all, the cigarette ash: it is enough, to remove the scratch on the car, to pass on the area concerned a rolled towel ball moistened and sprinkled with cigarette ash. On the other hand, the same thing can be done with a cloth impregnated with toothpaste.

There are also pasta specially made to remove scratches on a car; it is then enough to put a nut on an extremely soft cotton cloth and thus pass the product on the place which requires a repair of the scratches of the car. This can also be done more simply with clay stone, in the same way, by taking a little clay stone with the finger surrounded by a soft cloth.

In any case, whatever the product used to repair the scratch on the car, we must act with great care, with light and preferably circular movements and allow to dry the necessary time, usually between 15 and 30 minutes before polishing by means of a clean and soft cloth, always acting in small areas.

Repairing deeper scratches on a car

We speak of deep scratch when the absence of varnish or paint shows a white mark or that the very deep alteration of the body creates an asperity on the surface of it. In case of deep scratches on the car body, it is essential to act as quickly as possible. Indeed, if the car is left in this state, the rust could settle in the scratch, making repairing the scratches of the body more complicated to achieve. If the coating applied before painting is reached, it is necessary to spread rust remover as quickly as possible with a fine paintbrush.

To repair the scratch on a car, it is first possible to use a special retouching pen, which will hide the scratch. There are all the colors, exactly corresponding to that of the car, the reference of the hue being written on a plate located in the engine compartment or in the trunk. Such a pen is easily found at a dealership or in a car center. If this touch-up pen is equipped with a brush too thick for the smoothness of the scratch to be repaired it is advisable, to erase the scratch of the car in a clean and efficient way, to use a very fine artist brush. The greatest caution is required during this operation, because the slightest overshoot could only worsen the situation. The disadvantage with such pens, as with all scratch erasers sold in car dealerships, is that they exist only in the most common colors; if the color of the bodywork to be repaired stands out, it will be very difficult to obtain an appropriate colored erase-stripe.

In the case where the scratch is so deep as to remove the color of the paint, and leaving flush the sheet on the surface of the body, it is essential, before thinking of repairing the scratches of the car in themselves, to paint on the affected area, after having first rubbed the area with sandpaper, making it possible to smooth the scratch. Then, we must fill this stripe with a brush with the appropriate paint, being careful not to exceed. In case of exceeding the scratch itself, it is necessary to quickly remove the paint, for example with a cotton swab. Several layers of paints can be applied if necessary to erase the scratches of the car.

If the scratch is really too deep or the damaged area is very large, it is best not to do things yourself, which could worsen the situation, and entrust to a painter in bodywork.

Spider cracks are a form of fiberglass damage that occurs from bending or minor impact. They can occur in any form of fiberglass, including cars, boats and swimming pools. Small cracks are formed on the outer surface of the fiberglass, extending from a central point, like a spider’s web. These cracks do not affect the structural integrity of the fiberglass, but they are an aesthetic problem. Fortunately, spider cracks are not difficult to repair.


  • Clean the area with acetone and a rag to remove any dirt or other impurities.
  • Sand the damaged area with 100 grit sandpaper to scrape the surface. You can sand by hand or with an electric sander.
  • Wash the area with acetone a second time to remove sanding dust.
  • Mask the area around the cracks with duct tape and plaster to protect against drips.
  • Pull all the loose bristles out of a cheap brush. Loose bristles can be embedded in the gel coat.
  • Measure a small amount of gel coat, which is a thick form of fiberglass resin, into a paper cube. If the fiberglass is exposed to water, the gel layer must be marine grade.
  • Mix catalyst in the gel coat following the instructions on the package. Accuracy is important: if too much catalyst is added the gel coat will heal faster than it can be used, but if too little is added it will not heal at all.
  • Brush a thin layer of gel coat over the sanded area, fading out a little on the surrounding fiberglass surface.
  • Allow the gel-coat to sit for three hours, then lightly spray with polyvinyl alcohol to help it heal completely.
  • Allow the gel coat to cure for 24 hours.
  • Wash the Polyvinyl alcohol with soapy water.
  • Sand the surface with 300-grit sandpaper to begin smoothing. Re-sand with 600 grain, then 900 grain and so on. Keep jumping 300 grit at a time until repeated sanding has produced as smooth of a finish as you require.
  • Clean sanding dust with acetone.
  • First and paint the fiberglass to match the surrounding surface, if necessary.

Tips and warnings:

  • Wear rubber gloves when working with gel coat.
  • Work in a well-ventilated place.

To clean the car with homemade products you can get hold of those used to clean the house, without disbursing a large amount of money. It is advisable to clean the windshield at the end of the cleaning of the rest of the car, so that no products fall that can dirty them. The first step to clean the windshield and the rest of the windows of the vehicle would be to wash only with water, using a hose or a bucket and a cloth. It is advisable to clean the windows from top to bottom, thus avoiding the marks of drops that can drain and stain the crystals that have already been cleaned. It is also recommended to clean the outside crystals in a different direction than the inside ones so that the spots on the other side can be better detected.

How to make a homemade windshield wiper

To prepare an effective homemade windshield wiper it is necessary to follow a series of simple and practical steps. First, some potatoes are cooked. When they are cooked, mix the cooking water with a little vinegar. With this preparation they rub the glass of the car and then dry it with a cloth. If there are still water marks left, it should be cleaned with newspaper. Afterwards, they are rubbed with an onion cut in half and finally cleaned with a damp cloth. It is not appropriate to use paper towels, which leave lint on the glass.

Another homemade windshield wiper that is possible to use is the mixture of a cup of water, half a cup of vinegar and a quarter of a cup of alcohol. It is recommended to pour the components into an atomizer and then gently shake the solution. Then the windscreen wiper is sprayed on the glass and cleaned according to the instructions above: use newspaper, clean from top to bottom, etc. Even a third homemade windshield wiper can be achieved with a little dishwasher diluted in a lot of water. And clean up afterwards, as already explained. In any case, the ammonia mixed with water has always been used to clean the windows of the house and also serves for the windows of the car.

Remove specific spots

To eliminate insect stains from the windows and windshields, you can apply vinegar directly and let it act for a few seconds. Then the windshields will be wiped with a cloth. The salts water is also effective to suppress the spots of the insects crushed against the windshield; It is convenient to let a few minutes pass before removing it. Another suitable method is to use baby wipes to eliminate bird pooping. Although then, once removed, the crystals will be cleaned as recommended above.

It must be remembered that the wipes can leave traces of lint. To remove difficult water spots, you can rub the glass with a 0000 gauge steel wool (so as not to scratch them) with circular movements. Olive oil can be used to remove remains of stickers or other glues. It will be applied with a cotton and with circular movements. In any case, the operation to eliminate specific stains should be done before the general washing of the crystals.

Changing the windshield wipers of the car is a fairly simple operation, so you can do it yourself if you want to save the labor of the workshop. Of course, we emphasize that you should not neglect this maintenance work, since a front moon that is not clean can subtract 20% of visibility, with the consequent risk to your safety.

Steps to follow:

  1. You yourself will notice when the windshield wipers are not working properly, since the glass will appear with dirt in some areas even if you have just started them. The most advisable, if there is no problem before, is that you change them every 2 years. Read this article if you want to know more details about when to change the wipers.
  2. The first thing you have to do before changing the windshield wipers is to buy new ones at a specialized store, since there you will find a great offer and advice. Look closely to match the make and model of your car, because not all are the same. Take the instruction manual of your vehicle when you go to make the purchase if you consider it necessary.
  3. Once you have the new windshield wipers, activate the contact of your car and start the windshield wipers so they are in an upward position. Then, close the car contact. The objective of this operation is that they are up and you can easily carry out the change operation and minimizing the risks that you can scratch the glass.
  4. Now, to change the windscreen wipers, you must remove the movable arms, that is, more or less the outermost half. You will not need any additional tools, just a little skill and exert some pressure. Each model has a different form of extraction, so it is best to consult in detail the instruction manual of your vehicle.
  5. Once the mobile windscreen wiper arms are removed, you will find that you must place the new ones on a kind of hook. You will need some adapters that will come in the box of the product that you have bought and that are placed, also, exerting pressure, without the need of tools.
  6. Once you have placed the new arms, you have not finished the operation of changing the wipers. It is very important that you check that they have been properly installed before starting the march, since it could be a risk to your safety and that of other drivers if it were not so, since they could fall off. Try them at different speeds and, when you check that everything is going well, you will have finished.

When replacing a broken windshield, it is important to make sure it is done properly. Replacement problems could cause annoying noises or even something as serious as the windshield will fall while driving. Proper installation prevents these leaks problems.

Water and air leaks often occur when the adhesive is not properly applied. Some stores have shortcuts by not removing sealant from the old windshield, which can prevent new adhesive from adhering properly. Dirt on windshields that have not been cleaned prior to installation and rust on the vehicle’s body can prevent the adhesive from setting up properly.

An urgent job can keep a windshield from being properly aligned. Windshields often have a rubber time shield on their edges. Many vehicle models use this time shield to seal doors, improper alignment can allow water and air to enter through the door.

Different adhesives require different times to adjust. The time is it usually lasts between 3 and 24 hours before the vehicle is safe to drive.

The windshield, that glass that allows to see forwards, tends to last many years, even as much as the car. However, small damages can occasionally occur, such as those produced by a stone upon impact on the glass, which can be repaired under certain conditions. Likewise, scratches or fractures may occur. Depending on the magnitude and type of damage, you will have to decide to repair or place new windshields.

  • Smart windshield

Windshield technology has not changed in a long time, except for the types of materials used for glass, which today do not explode or fragment when broken, thus avoiding injury to the occupants of the vehicle. But today they incorporate intelligent technology as sensors of light and water.

In this regard, in high-end cars the windshields are incorporating sensors that in case of feeling diminished the external light activates the streetlights, and in case of perceiving water on the surface, they ignite the nibs.