4 ways to reduce the cost of replacing a windshield

  • Strive to avoid a replacement

You would be surprised to see how much splinters and cracks can be repaired by a professional auto shop that offers glass repair services. Before deciding to have the windshield completely replaced, take advice from a car glass specialist to see if the windshield can be repaired rather than replaced. If so, you could save a lot of money.

Repair or not of the windshield depends on the size, location and severity of the damage. A maintenance professional can tell you what it is.

  • Do not forget your car insurance

Depending on the reason for repairing your windshield, your car insurance may cover all or part of its replacement! By taking the time to call your insurer to review your policy, you could save a lot of money without incurring any fees. Your time will be largely justified.

  • Opt for your local repair shop

If both your car dealership and your local glass repair shop are doing quality work, there can be a big price difference between the two. It can be explained in part by the type of glass used for replacement: glass supplied by the original manufacturer, or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), or another type of glass.

You may think that it is naturally preferable to use FEO glass on your car! But another glass must meet the same safety standards as the OEM glass, or even exceed them. And it is offered at a much cheaper price. Combined with high quality adhesives and sealants recommended by the OEM manufacturer, another windshield can significantly reduce replacement costs.

  • Carefully search your car

Do you know that the make and model of your car has a significant impact on replacement and repair costs afterwards? If you prefer a luxury vehicle or a powerful 4×4, expect a higher replacement cost for the windshield. The cost of repairing a smaller and more economical vehicle is all the more modest. If you plan to buy a vehicle in the future, consider the price of future repairs before making your decision.